Scum & Smugglers metals will arrive soon

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I was sent a few pictures from our caster, Hysterical Games, this week, showing the first spin of S&S characters. Since I’ve been negligent in posting on this blog, here’s a quick recap.

In January, KG ran a Kickstarter to put out a selection of character models for Stargrind under the project name of Scum & Smugglers. I like alliteration, so this has been a trend for project names.

The models were first mastered in resin (which you can buy soon too) and then put into metal moulds. Here’s the results of said process:


These models will soon be made available on the webstore, but only once I have allocated all required stock for the Kickstarter backers. I won’t ever make models avilable for sale before backers are first sent theirs for pledges.

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