Assembling the Overlords Kraken

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The Overlords range was built upon the pose-ability of resin tentacles. Applying heat (hot water or hair dryer) to our chosen resin material allows the item to be safely bent into new a shape, which it will hold once cooled. As such, a few straight tentacles can be bent into all sorts of dynamic poses and then be attached to the main body.

Here are the components for the Kraken:

Chucking all the tentacles into some hot water, they can be retrieved one at a time with tweezers and bent into a pose.

Hold the tentacle in place until it is cooled and it will keep the new pose (unless heated again). Repeat this for all tentacles.

Then with a little putty and super glue, the tentacles can be attached to the sockets on the body.

Grab yourself a Kraken.

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