Noodler assembly guide

The Noodler is a 5-piece resin model, comprising of the main body and 4 tentacles. if you turn the model over, it has 4 visible holes for tentacles. The tentacles can be cleaned up and glued into these 4 holes, but take a moment to consider posing them. If you place the tentacles in hot […]


For those of you who frequent Facebook, it will come as no surprise that we will be launching a small project on Kickstarter to produce some metal Gnome models. If you attended ROBIN, you got to see the first resin casts of the models. Here’s our fledgling display table from ROBIN: No, not us! My […]

ROBIN complete

This weekend Krakon Games attended its first proper trade show. Krakon Games is normally a one-man show (Ross), but my brother (Neil) supports me through suggestions, painting and this year he is helping out with trade shows while I find my feet doing so. Considering he has painted almost my entire range (while I’ve painted […]

Future projects

It’s easy to get yourself lost in a bundle of projects. It’s been almost year since I’ve posted anything on the website and I have clearly been neglecting Krakon and the product range. There hasn’t been much interest, which is a definite factor in curbing enthusiasm. I would like to start a regular progress and […]

Salisbury Area Wargame Show

In you happen to be local to Salisbury today, make sure you check out the Salisbury Area Wargame Show. The first of its kind in Salisbury, SAWS aims to open up the Wargaming hobby to the community with a good number of display games and sponsor companies offering sample products and promotional codes. We are sponsoring […]

Using custom bases

Basing your miniatures on custom models could not be easier. In many cases, models can simply be attache to the base by gluing the feet, or whatever part of the model is intended to interact with the ground. However, a lot of models come attached to a stub which needs to be removed. A good […]

Introducing: Krakonoš

Introduction The name Krakonoš is the Czech version for Rübezahl, a  folklore mountain spirit/giant of the Krkonoše Mountains. Krakonoš, the game, poses the players as giants from mythology, seeking to guide or force the lesser species of the world to their agenda in a series of encounters. Creatures of the Night is a greater game world in […]

Krakon Games is born!

In an effort to prove my seriousness about bringing Creatures of the Night to life, I have founded a suitable  company and website name – Krakon Games! The name came to me pretty quickly. I am hugely inspired by Lovecraft art and background. In fact anything involving tentacles is pretty cool in my book. Combine […]


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