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This weekend Krakon Games attended its first proper trade show. Krakon Games is normally a one-man show (Ross), but my brother (Neil) supports me through suggestions, painting and this year he is helping out with trade shows while I find my feet doing so. Considering he has painted almost my entire range (while I’ve painted next to none of it), this is a huge help. Painted examples of my sculpts look a lot nicer than green sculpts or grey resin casts.

ROBIN was a fun experience – meeting customers in person, seeing their reactions, ideas behind their purchases and best of all, their recognition of what I am “doing.” What I am doing is creating models to fill niche gaps in the market.

The show was very positive. I was worried my ranges wouldn’t be that well received, but I chatted with so many visitors, my throat is now sore! It was a great feeling to see people’s faces brighten up when the identified what my models are.

This year, I am pushing my Online presence and general exposure to the miniature-buying world. You could simply say I am trying to market my product more, which is correct, but I also want to engage with the customers. A lot of what I produce is inspired by ideas from the community. Some models are direct sculpts from submitted concepts. That is something I plan to continue, so please keep engaging with me. Here is one example – the female sump beetle, submitted by Rochie Rochfort.

Also, as you can see right now, I am going to try and blog more. Rather than say everything in my head all at once though, this will be the first of a regular blog update for Krakon Games. Stay tuned!


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