Assembling Morrighu – Formorian Witch

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Morrighu is cast in a mighty fine resin by Hysterical Games. This resin is strong, but able to allow a slight bending, rather than breaking from pressure. More importantly, it is malleable once subjected to hot water and will retain a new form if held in place while cooled.

This is how Morrighu will arrive in your hands.


After careful clipping and scalpel work to remove feeder lines, any flash and mold lines (which should be minimal), you will have 4 components.


I highly recommend you pin the pieces. This is easily achieved as the resin is quick to drill.


Once drilled and pinned, the parts will go together with a stronger connection.



Normally, the model will look something like this once assembled.


However, if you take advantage of hot water, you can repose the arms easily. Also, if any part appears bent, you can straighten it just as easily.

Please note that I haven’t seen any bentstaves on casts to date, so I bent this as an example using hot water.



By doing this to the arms, you can quickly repose the model and with the head and neck being seperate, you can have her facing any direction.


Here’s how I resposed my example copy.

20160401_143445-1Enjoy your model and please share your pictures with us!


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