The first mortal race to arrive at 脡riu following the deluge was the聽Parthol贸in, only to find the Fomorians already there. Despite the presence of the Fomor, they settled the lands and made it their own. All too briefly though, as they succumbed to plague, summoned in wrath by Cichol. However, Parthol贸n and his descendents remain on 脡riu, brought back to life by the strong magic of the land at the behest of Tuan, though their physical forms have been reduced to bone and ash.

Parthol贸n came from Greece and was the son of Sera, a descendant of Magog. Those with the blood of Magog were hulking beings, much larger than normal humans.聽



  • Slanga聽[ buy ]- son of Parthol贸n
  • Delgnat – wife of Parthol贸n
  • Rudraige 聽– son of Parthol贸n
  • Laiglinne [ buy ]聽– son of Parthol贸n
  • Nerba – wife of Slanga
  • Cichba – wife of Rudraige
  • Cerbnad – wife of Laiglinne
  • Tuan mac Cairill [ buy faoladh form ] [ buy angel form ], a mysterious shapeshifting ally.