Creatures of the Night

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avaTo clear up any confusion (if you have actually read any information here!):

I am working on 2/3 games simultaneously that all exist in the same fantasy world (Creatures of the Night) and share the same background and characters. The difference between each game type is format. I work on them all at once in some ways (the background) and seperately in others, depending on where I am sitting (sculpting desk, computer desk, toilet). I can’t always sculpt as I work full time elsewhere, so I spend any free time at work (or the pub) to work on ideas and rules.

Why 2/3? Well I am working on a miniature-based game for the tabletop and I am working on a board game. I am very tempted to split off part of the board game into a simple ‘introdutory’ game that plays differently but introduces the characters and concepts of the CotN world. These two non-miniature designs keep evolving into and out of each other as I progress.

Working on a full-on miniature game alone is a big undertaking, but the project is, foremost, for myself. I am the motivation, I am making it for me first. It is my time and my money being invested into something I enjoy.

That said, I am not developing it in a void. I am reaching out to players, rules persons, artists for ideas and feedback at every stage. Like my models? I’ll sell them as product. Like the games? Play with me, help improve the system.

So, welcome aboard and please feel free to say something!

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