The Fomor

The Fomor are supernatural demon-kin who dwell in the cold, dark waters. Folk tales say they are ancient evil gods – the personification of death and blight, but many have proven that they are not as all-powerful as told.

They were the first to inhabit Ériu, though often forgotten as they live in seclusion and mostly fight amongst themselves at the whim of their many kings.

When forced to unite, Fomorians are traditionally lead by Nemain of the Morrigna because the male Fomor leaders are all too proud to serve one another. Nemain is one of a trio of Morrighu. Each of the Morrighu are linked by ancient kinship but serve different túatha. They are immortal female magic users.

The Fomor were described as having a missing body feature, such as an eye, leg, arm or all 3! Some have heads akin to reptilian goats and many have tails or other features to help them swim. Being creatures of magic and borne of daemons, no two fomor look identical and are instead categories by size and power.

The lowest Fomorian creatures are called Golls – meaning “one-eyed”. Ironically, many Golls are not one-eyed, and those serving Balor live in fear of being different to their king to the extent that they will remove their extra eyes or wear helmets that reflect the image of their patron.


  • Nemain of the Morrighu [ buy ]– one of three Morrigna. Matriarch of the Fomor. She personifies the frenzied havoc of war, using witchcraft to despoil her enemies.
  • Indech mac Dé Domnann [ buy ], the most influencial Fomorian king.
  • Conand [ buy ]– enemy of Nemed – occupied the tower of Tory island, subduing the Nemed until they killed him. Morc enacted revenge.
  • Morc, son of Dela [ buy ] – enemy of Nemed. King of the glass tower. Slayer of Sidhe. Morc is an elementalist, with mastery over water, crushing enemy fleets with tidal waves.
  • Cichol Gricenchos [ buy ] – the first leader of the Fomor, now undead with his own intentions. Was defeated by Partholón at the Battle of Mag Itha. He cursed them with a plague when he died.
  • Eochu Bres mac Elathanes [ buy ]- a half-Fomorian prince.
  • Ruadan [ buy ] – a half-breed, the son of Bres and Brigit. Like his father, he grew large and fierce and was a proud warrior of the Fomor in their many battles.
  • Zinnridi [ buy ] – a raider under Indech’s banner.
  • Salicar [ buy ] – a raider under Indech’s banner.
  • Tendao [ buy ] – a raider under Indech’s banner.
  • Balor of the Evil Eye. A gigantic Fomorian king, perhaps the father of the cyclops. 
  • Neit  a god of war. He was the husband of Nemain, and sometimes of Badb. Also grandfather of Balor, a giant of a being. He was killed at the legendary second Battle of Moytura. 
  • Elatha, prince. Father of Bres.
  • Cethlen of the Crooked Teeth, wife of Balor. Prophetess.
  • Ethniu – daughter of Balor. Mother of Lugh. Half-Cyclops, half-Fomorian.
  • Dod – Balor’s father.
  • Tethra
  • Gann – a former king, killed at Ros Fraechain by Nemed
  • Sengann – former king, killed at Ros Fraechain by Nemed
  • Dalbaech
  • Sengann

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