The Mykelings are sentient fungi. They dwell in caves and underground to avoid being killed and eaten. Unfortunately, the undergrounds are inhabited by many other species and so this last refuge has become a battleground – in a war for their survival.

This species was introduced as the second faction for Creatures: Underground, following the Gnomes. The simple 5-model taster Kickstarter had a great reception and so plans were made to do a follow-up.

First Mykelings Kickstarter

Promising double the fun, 10 new humanoids were sculpted as the main offering in Mykelings 2.

New 10 Mykelings

Naturally, people wanted more and the stretch goals unlocked different models, from the gigantic earth tooth, to the alien-like spore belcher.

Second Mykelings Kickstarter

The range now stands at 18 Mykelings (plus friends), with Mykelings promised to follow later.

All Mykelings so far


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