The Sons of Míl were bestial invaders from Iberia. Following Íth’s discovery of Ériu, Míl Espáne and Íth lead their warriors to the green island in hopes of creating a new kingdom. He was met by fierce resistance from the inhabitants there – particulalry the Sidhe, who saw only brutality in the hearts of the Iberians. Following the death of Íth, the other sons of Míl set sail to enact revenge upon the Sidhe.



  • Donn, the dark one. Drowned by Ériu
  • Anibal – Minotaur. His name means “grace of Ba’al”, the storm god.
  • Amergin is a bard and judge, able to influence the weather.
  • Eber Finn – son of Mil
  • Érimón – son of Mil
  • Ír – son of Mil
  • Colpa – son of Mil
  • Arannan – son of Mil
  • Éremón – son of Mil


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