Kickstarter: Mykelings

The Mykelings Kickstarter, full name Creatures Underground: Mykelings, will be going live 26th March until 1st April. It is the second Creatures Underground project, which is a new initiative to produce smaller, faster ranges for Krakon Games.

Mykelings are fungus people. They inhabit caves and underground systems, which brings them into direct contact with other creatures, such as the Gnomes. This contact is often unfriendly, resulting in conflict for territory.

The Mykelings project is offering 5 different sculpts, available in both resin and metal. If the Kickstarter is well received, more sculpts will follow and the Creatures Underground world will continue to expand with further projects. Gnomes 2 is currently being sculpted and will follow Mykelings at a later date, thanks to the success of Gnomes 1 – the first Creatures Underground project.

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