Creatures of the Night


The island of Ériu is divided into numerous clan territories and kingdoms, known as túatha. Each clan arrived on Ériu and sought to claim it as their own. Many settled the lands peacefully, thinking they were alone, but all ultimately fell into war with one another or succumbed to something far worse.

Ancient Times

Ancient Ériu, like much of the world, was once host to primordial titans, fallen angels and the demi-god Nephilim. They were unfathomably old, powerful and in a world without a master, they were the shepherds and caretakers of nature.

With the birth of mortals, the ancients became their guardians. They shared wisdom and taught them skills to cultivate the gardens of the world. The world flourished at the hands of the children.

The lesser races formed symbiotic bonds with their patrons. Their knowledge and powers bloomed with the guidance of the ancients, but ultimately the ancients became reliant on their children’s worship and in time it came to change them.

The mortals were flawed and susceptible to their emotions – lust, jealousy, hatred. With growing numbers, these emotions fed back to their patrons, tainting them. Where once the ancients influenced and educated their children, they were now slave to them. Over time, physical form of the ancients changed to reflect twisted forms of their former selfs, poisoned and thrall.

They receded into nature in attempt to unbind themselves, some vanishing entirely.

Without their patrons, the lesser races were absent teachers. For the first time they looked to the other races… and they felt envy. War followed, and the world would forever lament the past.


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