Overlords Deviant Strain Prawn Larvae


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The Prawn Larvae is a 5 piece model, comprising of a main body, head and 3 extremities – compatible with other soft point attachments. It is supplied without a base.

The Overlords Prawn Larvae was sculpted by Ross Whitehorn.

Overlords that spawn in alien environments often take on traits of the biological matter they absorb. This is a genetic quirk that Infiltrators take full advantage of when the Overlords encounter a foe that cannot easily be overwhelmed or controlled. By planting spores in habitats of their enemies, they can learn the secrets to defeating them – by directly absorbing and using the strengths of rivals.
This leads to a lot of variation in the species during times of war, and not always to the benefit of the Overlords. The “Prawns” are one such deviation of Overlord. This class has a thick carapace and elongated body structure. Prawns are the result of infiltrating an insectoid species and absorbing a little too much of their quarry. This strain has departed from the normal form more than usual and shows very different, almost rebellious, behaviour. When this occurs, they are considered deviants by the Overlords and every attempt is made to terminate the strain.