Orkar Plutt, space junker [resin]


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Plutt traces his ancestry back to old Terra.

In the early 2020s, Terrans began splicing human genes with stock animals in order to grow organs for transplant. The intention was to adapt the organs to be compatible for human hosts, stored in a ready-to-harvest animal until fruition.

Early experiments and natural mutation lead to unintentional results, with hybrid creatures being birthed. Many were not destroyed. In fact, these oddities were often sold to the highest bidders for pets or worse.

Inevitably, over time, these creatures lived on and procreated, spawing new subspecies on Terra, who would travel alongside humankind unto the stars.

This master-cast model is cast in RESIN and supplied without a base. Very few of these were cast in resin. Plutt differs from the metal cast as it is a single-piece model. The metal version is seperated at the hand.

Plutt was sculpted by Ross Whitehorn


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